Financial Planing

Is provided for free to help families invest for the future and we have been doing it since 1977. While many financial professionals simply aren’t interested in working with the middle class, We are committed to helping families save and invest for their short-term and long-term goals.

(FNA) Financial Needs Analysis

Is provided to help families better understand their personal finances, The FNA gives a detailed overview of your current financial situation and suggests a personalized strategy for your financial freedom. The FNA is complimentary, confidential and customized for every family that I serve.

Term Life Insurance

*Simple, affordable term life insurance

*Benefit- and feature-rich solutions

*Your own representative interested in you

*Up to 70% of face amount terminal illness benefit with waiver of premium with a maximum of $400,000

*Industry-Leading renewal options

*Family banding

*Unique custom term solutions

*Increasing Benefit Rider

The Road To Financial Freedom Starts Here

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About Me

I Was born and raised on the East side of Columbus, Ohio. I grew up in the middle of low to middle class families. My Mother, being single did the best that she could. She provided a roof over our heads, clothes on our back, and food on the table. We never lacked anything. She always made ends meet but we lived pay check to pay check. This is how many families in our community are taught to survive. However, what I have found out through financial education is that people do not  have to live this way. My goal is to teach and equip families with the tools they need to live a better and more prosperous life.  There is a solution to your unique financial situation and the road to financial freedom starts here.

My Mission

My mission is to help Main Street families get the protection they need at a price they can afford, invest in their future and get out of debt. I teach families fundamental financial principles that aren’t taught in school and I give them an opportunity to build a business and transform their life.

My Vision

Today’s families face major financial challenges. They’re being forced to downsize their goals and dreams — to settle for less. I show them how they can change their life. My focus is on the middle market and helping Main Street families get the financial help they need. .

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Dwayne Wells Division Leader